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Practical Workbook

Workbooks for students of CIS department (listed bellow)                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

01 Fundamentals of Computer Engineering Fall
02 Computer Programming Fall
03 Digital Logic Design Fall
04 Data Structures and Algorithms Fall
05 Computer Engineering Workshop Fall
06 Software Engineering Fall
07 Digital Communication Systems Fall
08 Digital Signal Processing Fall
09 Parallel and Distributed Computing Fall
10 Artificial Intelligence Fall
11 Computer Communication Networks Fall
12 VLSI Design Fall
13 Object Oriented Programming Spring
14 Signals & Systems Spring
15 Computer Organization & Design Spring
16 Database Management Systems Spring
17 Operating Systems Spring
18 Microprocessor Based System Design Spring
19 Computer Systems Security Spring


Workbooks for students of other departments (listed bellow)


01 Introduction to Computing (TC, EL,BM) Fall
02 Computer Programming (BM) Fall
03 Logic Design and Switching Theory (EE,SCIT,SE) Fall/Spring
04 Microprocessors and their Applications (TCIT) Fall
05 Microprocessor Programming and Interfacing (EE,EL,BM,TC) Fall
06 Programming Languages (FD) Spring
07 Computer Architecture & Organization (SE, SCIT) Spring
08 Computer Communication Networks (EE, SE, TCIT) Spring
09 Parallel Processing (BCIT) Spring


For complete lab sessions please contact the respective lab instructors.