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About Us

NED University introduced the four-year program of Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems) in July 1983. Later in 1986, the Department of Electrical Engineering became the Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering. Rapid advancements in the field of computer engineering necessitated the need for a separate department for the study, research and development of various branches of Computer Systems Engineering. Realizing the importance of the field of Computer Systems Engineering in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century, the Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering was bifurcated in July 1997 and the Department of Computer Systems Engineering was created. It was later renamed the Department of Computer and Information Systems Engineering in 2000.

Departmental Organization

The Department of Computer and Information Systems Engineering is led by its chairman, who reports to Dean ECE and exercises all administrative and financial powers entrusted by the Statutes, Regulations and assigned or delegated from time to time. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali Ismail is the present chairman of the department. Under his guidance and administration, a team of experienced faculty members is striving to achieve excellence in academics and research.

Facilities & Research Centres

Experience Yourself

The Department of Computer and Information

Systems Engineering provides a vibrant and

encouraging environment for the passionate students

to get themselves involved in state-of-the-art

research. This department has a pool of experienced

faulty to help motivate and supervise the students

taking up this endeavour.

Department Facilities
  • Computation Laboratory
  • Software Design Laboratory
  • Networks and Security Laboratory
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Laboratory
  • Digital Logic Design Laboratory
  • Microprocessor Laboratory
  • Embedded Systems and Computer
  • Vision Laboratory
  • Workshop Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Project Laboratory
  • Smart Classroom
Research Fields

• High Performance Computing

• Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

• Software Defined Communication Systems

• Computer Vision &Image processing

• Embedded System Design

• Internet of Things and Web of Things

• Multicore Architecture Design

• VLSI Design and Testing

• Distributed Systems

• Computer Networks

Research Centres
  • High Performance Computing Centre
  • National Center in Big Data and Cloud Computing
  • National Center for Artificial Intelligence Smart City Lab and Neuromorphic lab
  • National Centre for Cyber Security (Internet Security Lab, Digital Forensic Lab and Quantum Computing Lab