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Mr. Muhammad Ali Akhtar

1. About

  • Mr. Engr. Ali Akhtar has been teaching at NED University since 2016. Previously he was part of AKU HIS network as a programmer Analyst in 2013 onwards. He worked with Independent media corporation(Geo TV) as a Programmer Lead since 2011 onwards and Currently he is pursuing his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Raheela Anwar and Dr. Syed Abbas Ali.
  • He is also serving in Departmental industrial liaison committee.

2. Education and Certification

  • Ph.D in Progress (April 2022)
  • MEngg. (CS) from NEDUET
  • B.E.(CS) from NEDUET

3. Honors and Awards

  • Presented Guest of Honor in presenting software trends 2023 in PAF KIET 

4. Work Experience and Research Area

  • Worked on CDNS (Comstar Digital Nervous System) a paperless company flow project.
  • Worked on Travel module of Admin portal of geo TV network.
  • Worked on complain module of Admin portal of GEO TV network(crystal reports and their forms)
  • Developed ordering module of Kaisa hoga 2012(Online magazine ordering system)
  • Developed registration and setup forms of Send Messages System of Geo T.V (SMS System)
  • Developed Geo Store Management system.
  • Web development and customization of City Campus NED University Karachi.
  • Development, Testing & Maintenance of Blood Bank, stores & PANACEA a Hospital information system Running in Tabba heart hospital.
  • Development testing and end User support of Blood bank system according to the requirement of JCIA & CAP in Aga Khan University Hospital.
  • Development of Stem Cell Bank System in Aga Khan University Hospital 
  • OBE(Outcome Based Evaluation System) for NED UET as per requirement of Pakistan Engineering council for meeting all International OBE System’s standards.

5. Professional/Community/Industrial Services

  • Currently serving as Departmental DIL representative and Lab coordinator II.

6. Supervision 

Following Final Year Projects have been supervised/Co-supervised:

  • 1.     Body Sensor Based Assistive System for Medical Aid.

    2.     Machine Learning Techniques for Lung Cancer Detection.

    3.     Smart Assistive Audio Navigator.

    4.     centralized Smart Food Court Management System.

    5.     Virtual Run.

    6.     Mobile Application for Handwritten Exam Marks Recognition & Its integration with NED OBE MIS.

    7.     Students performance prediction and Framework for Continuous Quality Improvement for NED OBE MIS.

    8.     Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

    9.     Augmented Reality Based Multi-Image Tracking for Building of NEDUET.

    10. PANDDEM (Pandemic Avoidance with Neural Decision Making using Electronic Mirror).

    11. Visualization of Computer Engineering Components using Augmented Reality.

7. Research Publications

  1. Speech Feature Selection of Normal and Autistic children using Filter and Wrapper Approach. IJCSNS International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, VOL.21 No.5, May 2021.
  2. Virtual Reality in Gymnasium: Stationary bike using Hall-Effect Sensor and Bluetooth BLE, VOL.22 No.5, May