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Dr. Syed Zaffar Qasim


Dr Syed Zaffar Qasim has been associated with NED University as a faculty member since the year 2000. Before that he served the Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering (IIEE), Karachi for eight (8) years in the same capacity. He is HEC approved PhD supervisor and oversees research projects at postgraduate level. 


     o   2021      PhD, Multiobjective Optimization, NED University of Engineering & Technology

     o   2007      MEngg, Computer Architecture and System Design, NED University of Engineering & Technology

     o   1991      BE, Computer Systems Engineering, NED University of Engineering & Technology

Research Activities

     o   HEC PhD approved supervisor

     o   Research Interests

          o  Evolutionary computation & multiobjective optimization

          o  Machine Learning

          o  Deep learning

          o  Blockchain Technology

          o  Computer Security

     o   Postgraduate research projects supervised

          o   Detection of Depression through Speech Emotion Recognition

          o   Exploring the Tourist Industry Problems using Sentiment Analysis

          o   Predictive AI for ACL Injury Prevention using Wearable IOT Devices

          o   Intelligent Textual Feedback Analysis

Courses Taught at Undergraduate and Postgraduate Levels

     o  Operating Systems

     o  Software Engineering

     o  Database Systems

     o  Distributed Systems

     o  Performance evaluation of Computer Systems

     o  Queuing Theory

     o  Data Structures & Algorithms

     o  Data Mining

     o  Operations Research

     o  Quantitative Research Methodologies


     o   H. Khan, S.Z. Qasim, and A. Waqar, “Cod detection for injury prevention using sports analytics,” Journal of Xi’an Shiyou  University, Natural Science Edition, Volume 19 Issue 02 Feb 2023

      o   S.Z. Qasim & M.A. Ismail, “FMPSO: fuzzy-dominance based many-objective particle swarm optimization. Evolutionary Intelligence”. 2022 Aug 16:1-6.

      o   S.Z. Qasim & M.A. Ismail, “DOCEA/D: Dual-operator-based constrained many-objective evolutionary algorithm based on  decomposition,” Cluster Computing, pp. 1–19, 2022.

      o   S.Z. Qasim & M.A. Ismail, “MOSA/D: Multi-operator evolutionary many-objective algorithm with self-adaptation of parameters        based on decomposition”, Evolutionary Intelligence, 2022.

      o   S.Z. Qasim & M.A. Ismail, “RODE: Ranking-dominance-based algorithm for many- objective optimization with opposition-based            differential evolution”, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 2020. 45(12):10079-96.

      o   S.Z. Qasim & M.A. Ismail, “Research problems in Search-Based Software Engineering for many-objective optimization”. In                 Innovations in Electrical Engineering and Computational Technologies (ICIEECT), 2017 International Conference on (pp. 1-6). IEEE.

      o   S.Z. Qasim & M.A. Ismail, ”Performance Gaining for solving Many-objective Optimization Problems using Variation Operators”,   1st International Electrical Engineering Congress (IEEC), May. 13-14, 2016, Karachi, Pakistan.

Assistant Professor
Postgraduate Coordinator