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Dr. Syed Aqeel Haider


I have been involved in academia since 1998 in different capacities. I have mostly taught Intel’s x86 microprocessor’s internal architecture, programming and interfacing. I have also taught assembly language programming, PLC ladder logic programming, logic design and switching theory, etc. I have been working as peer reviewer for some of the reputed journals and open for research collaboration with researchers working in the field of convolutional neural network, biometric identification, deep learning etc.


Ph.D. (Multimodal Biometric System) - NEDUET

M.ENGG. (Computer Systems) - NEDUET

B.S. (Electronic Engineering) - SSUET

  1. Secured MoST Endowment fund for PhD Research project 'Intrinsic Modalities based Multi-modal Biometric System' worth PKR 2.87 million.
  2. Have the status of HEC approved PhD Supervisor.
  3. Have the status of HEC approved Master Trainer. Experts may contact me for arranging interactive sessions for NED faculty especially ECE faculty.
  4. Has been working as Lab-Incharge for Microprocessor Lab
  5. Worked as Lab-Incharge for Computer Security Lab

Involved in active research related to Electronic and Computer Engineering topics. Have the valid status of HEC approved Ph.D. supervisor.

  1. Have been working as reviewer for some reputed journals (listed in HEC's W and X category and Clarivate master journal list). IEEE Access, Concurrency and Computation - Practice & Experience, BMC Bioinformatics, Artificial Intelligence Review etc.
  2. Pakistan Engineering Council - Lifetime Member
  3. Institution of Engineers Pakistan - Lifetime Member

Have supervised some undergraduate FYDPs.

  1. Haider, S.; Rehman, Y.; Ali, S. Enhanced Multimodal Biometric Recognition Based upon Intrinsic Hand Biometrics. Electronics 2020, 9(11), 1916;
  2. Altbawi, S.; Mokhtar, A.; Khalid, S.; Husain, N.; Yahya, A.; Haider, S.; Alsisi, R.; Moin, L. Optimal Control of a Single-Stage Modular PV-Grid-Driven System Using a Gradient Optimization Algorithm. Energies 2023, 16(3), 1492;
  3. Altbawi, S.; Khalid, S.; Mokhtar, A.; Shareef, H.; Husain, N.; Yahya, A.; Haider, S.; Moin, L.; Alsisi, R. An Improved Gradient-Based Optimization Algorithm for Solving Complex Optimization Problems. Processes 2023, 11(2), 498;
  4. Syed Imran Ali, Shaine Mohammadali Lalji, Syed Aqeel Haider, Javed Haneef, Adnan-ul-Haque Syed, Nusrat Husain, Ashraf Yahya, Zeeshan Rashid, Zeeshan Ahmad Arfeen, Risk prioritization in a core preparation experiment using fuzzy VIKOR integrated with Shannon entropy method, Ain Shams Engineering Journal, 2023, 102421, ISSN 2090-4479,
Assistant Professor