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To be eligible for the CIS Ph.D. Program, you must have completed a Bachelors (Engineering), Masters (Engineering) or equivalent degree or expect to do so prior to the admission date from HEC recognized university. Further you need to clear admission test for Ph.D.

Yes, you need to select a supervisor prior to your admission. You may contact the supervisors directly. The link for HEC approved supervisors is 

Admission to CIS Ph.D. program is competitive against a standard that is similar to that of graduate programs of the leading universities the world over. The selection process for admissions takes into account all aspects of the CIS Ph.D. program application, including: academic record, applicant's statement, letters of recommendation, additional evidence of academic ability such as HAT general test scores, additional material such as copies of publications and abstracts of oral presentations, and any other evidence of achievement provided. For short-listed applicants, the selection process additionally takes into account face-to-face interviews with three faculty members. All of these aspects are considered together in the final decision for each candidate.

You do not need to provide us with TOEFL /IELTS score if the medium of your education is English and you upload documents to prove so.

NEDUET uses an internet-based application system so we do not require submission of any document in hard copies. You only need to scan the documents and upload them on our online application system. If you are a successful candidate, some hard copies will be needed for enrollment process. You will be further instructed at that stage.

For the 1st screening, it usually takes about 4-5 weeks after each application deadline, depending on the volume of applications we receive. For the final result after Admissions Selection (interviews), it takes about 3 weeks. Both results are announced via the NED website.

You may apply again in the following year given that your academic records have made some progress to reconsider. Please submit an updated transcript with other supplemental documents when you reapply.

There is no fixed timeline for PhD program but you are suppose to complete all requirements within seven years of time period at maximum. Normally, PhD students take 4-5 years to complete all requirements related to their PhD.