Dr.Asad Engr. Dr. Asad Arfeen
Assistant Professor (Computer and Information Systems Engineering)
Director IT NED University of Engineering and Technology (Additional Charge)
Elected Member of the Syndicate of the NED University of Engineering & Technology (Tenure 2019-2021)
Scientific Director/Principal Investigator of the National Centre for Cyber Security (Planning Commission of Pakistan)
HEC Approved PhD Supervisor
Member Sindh IT Board
Email: arfeen@neduet.edu.pk , dit@neduet.edu.pk
Office Phone: 0092-21-99261252 (direct)
                       0092-21-99261261, ext:2433 (direct)
Personal Assistant Office Phone: 0092-21-99261261 ext:2321
PhD (2010-2015) University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
Title Contributions to Modelling of Internet Traffic by Fractal Renewal Processes
Developed simple and analytically tractable models for high volume teletraffic data belonging to access and backbone networks. The models can be used for performance evaluation studies of telecommunication networks as well as modelling real teletraffic data at packet, flow and session levels in access and backbone core networks.)
Supervisor Emeritus Professor Dr. Krys Pawlikowski ( http://www.cosc.canterbury.ac.nz/krys.pawlikowski/ (http://www.cosc.canterbury.ac.nz/krys.pawlikowski/) Alexander Von Humboldt Fellow )
Scholarship Awarded PlanetLab New Zealand Doctoral Fellowship under Kiwi Advanced Research and Education Network (KAREN) / REANNZ
Committee: Professor Franco Davoli (Telecommunication Networks and Telematics Laboratory, University of Genoa, Italy), Emeritus Professor Richard Harris (School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Massey University New Zealand), Emeritus Professor Kryz Pawlikowski (Networks Research Group, University of Canterbury)
PhD Thesis https://ir.canterbury.ac.nz/handle/10092/10194 (https://ir.canterbury.ac.nz/handle/10092/10194)
Research Grants
2021 Won HEC Technology Transfer Support Fund (TTSF) grant. Amount= 11.414 million PKR on project "Security & Threat Intelligence Platform for Capital Market of Pakistan" (Industry Partner= National Clearing Company of Pakistan NCCPL) (Role= Principal Investigator)
2018 Won Planning Commission's grant on National Centre of Cyber Security (NCCS). Amount= 118 million PKR. Role=Principal Investigator of four domain security lab (End Point Protection, Internet Security, Digital Forensics, Quantum Technology)
2016 Won competitive NRPU research grant. Amount= 8.2 million PKR on project "Stochastic Modelling and Realtime Estimation of Internet Traffic in Access and Core Networks. Role=Principal Investigator
2014 Royal New Zealand Navy's project “Quality of Experience based Traffic Optimization for Satellite IP Network of Royal New Zealand Navy”. Amount=50K NZD, Role= Principal Investigator
Research Publications  
1. Murk Marvi, Asad Arfeen, Raza Mehdi, and Zahid Rauf. "Investigating the Impact of Regional Temperature on COVID-19 Pandemic During 2020." MDPI Sustainability (Accepted 19 May 2021) (JCR ,Impact Factor=2.576)
2. Murk Marvi, Asad Arfeen, Riaz Uddin, "An Augmented K-means Clustering Approach for the Detection of DDoS Attacks", Wiley/ACM International Journal of Network >Management (April 2021) (JCR IF=1.338)  
3. Usama Ahsan, Muhammad Mubashir Khan, Asad Arfeen, Khadija Azam, “Security Analysis Of KXB10 QKD Protocol with Higher Dimensional Quantum States” International Journal of Quantum Information, 2021 (JCR ,Impact Factor=1.176) |LS|Accepted for Publication|RS|  
4. Syed, Sheraz, Asad Arfeen, Riaz Uddin, and Umaima Haider. "An Analysis of Renewable Energy Usage by Mobile Data Network Operators." Sustainability, volume 13,number 4, pages 1-16 (2021) (JCR ,Impact Factor=2.576)  
5. Asad Arfeen, Khizar Ul Haq, and S.M. Yasir, “Application layer classification of Internet traffic using ensemble learning models”, International Journal of Network Management (2020) (JCR ,Impact Factor=1.338)  
6. Riaz Uddin, Hashim Raza Khan, Asad Arfeen, Muhammad Ayaz Shirazi, Athar Rashid, Umar Shahbaz Khan,"Energy Storage for Energy Security and Reliability through Renewable Energy Technologies: A New Paradigm for Energy Policies in Turkey and Pakistan", Sustainability 2021, 13(5), 2823; https://doi.org/10.3390/su13052823  
7. Riaz Uddin, Muhammad Affan, Asad Arfeen, Saad A. Qazi, "Low Frequency Transparency Analyses of Passivity Based Approaches for Two - Channel Teleoperation Architectures", Accepted for publication in March 2021 in Springer International Journal of Control and Automation (JCR IF=2.733).  
8. Asad Arfeen, and Riaz Uddin, “Quality of experience-based optimization of satellite Internet-at-sea using WAN accelerators”. International Journal of Satellite Communications and Networking, volume 38, pages 527-556, 2020. (JCR ,Impact Factor=0.603)  
9. R. Uddin, A. Jamshaid and Asad Arfeen, "Smart Design of Surgical Suture Attachment Force Measurement Setup Using Tactile Sensor," in IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, volume. 70, pages. 1-12, 2020 (JCR ,Impact Factor=3.89)  
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11. Murk Marvi, Asad Arfeen, and Riaz Uddin. "A generalized machine learning‐based model for the detection of DDoS attacks." International Journal of Network Management (2020). (JCR , Impact Factor=1.338)  
12. Rizwan Aslam Butt, M Faheem, Asad Arfeen, M. Waqar Ashraf, Mehwish Javed, "Machine learning based dynamic load balancing DWBA scheme for TWDM PON",Elsevier Optical Fibre Technology, volume 52, November 2019. (JCR Q2, Impact Factor=1.824)  
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