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Dr. Saneeha Ahmed

  • Ph.D. Electrical Engineering -2016
  • MEngg Computer Systems ( Major: Computer Networks and Performance Evaluation)-2007
  • B.E Computer and Information Systems Engineering -2004
  • Areas of Interest: Digital Forensics, Trust based Systems, Adhoc networks, Cyber Security, Device to device communications and Internet Traffic Engineering
  • Contact: 922199261261 Ext 2287
  • Email: saneeha@neduet.edu.pk
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Dr. Saneeha Ahmed has a vast experience in networking technologies and cyber security. She graduated with a degree of Bachelors in Computer and Information Systems Engineering in the year 2004. She completed her Masters of Engineering in 2007 with majors in Computer Networks and Performance Evaluation from the same department of NED University. She completed her PhD in 2016 in Electrical engineering from University of Windsor. Dr. Ahmed started her career in 2004 at Sysnet Pvt Ltd as a network engineer. In 2005 she joined Barbedwire technologies as a support engineer for firewall products. Dr. Ahmed joined department of Computer Systems Engineering, NED University in 2005, as a lecturer. In 2008 she was appointed as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Ahmed has taught various courses at undergraduate and graduate level including Computer Communication Networks, Internet Computing, Data structure and Algorithms, Microprocessor based Systems, Computer Programming with C, Logic Designing and Switching Theory, Computer Architecture and Organization, Digital Communications, Advanced Computer Architecture, Advanced Routing and Switching, Adhoc Networks, Computer Network Security and Data Encryption.  Additionally, Dr. Ahmed has served the department in various capacities such as class room coordinator, lab coordinator, workbook coordinator, member of final year project evaluation committee and member of curriculum revision committee. She has supervised numerous academic projects which include smart shopping using RFID, Blind Steganalysis, e-health solution for elderly patients, intelligent traffic management system and Botnet detection on cloud, to name a few.  She has also supervised masters independent study projects on Quantum Key Distribution and OMNET++ implementation of LiFi Technology.  Dr. Ahmed is an active researcher and co- principle investigator in National Center for Cyber Security (Karachi Region). She has implemented and Supervised Several commercial and research projects including:

Research Projects:

  1. Trust establishment and management in ad hoc networks (PhD project)
  2. Adaptive topology control ( Research project for Communication Research Center Canada)
  3. Secure Communication for medical devices (student’s research project)
  4. Distance: A key challenge for Quantum key distribution ( student’s research project)
  5. Design and implementation of LiFi communication prototype ( student research project)


Commercial Projects:

  1. Router hardware upgrade for Abn Amro Bank
  2. Firewall implementations at Hub power plant
  3. Domain configuration at ICI paints
  4. Access control list implementation at Engro chemicals
  5. VLAN and Wireless bridge installation at GulAhmed textile mills
  6. Symantec Corporate Antivirus and End point Security Implementation at Merk Marker

 Dr. Saneeha is actively working with WiCiP  and UWinSecurity research groups of university of Windsor , Canada. She has worked on research projects for NSERC Canada and Communications Research Center Canada. Dr. Ahmed has coauthored several peer reviewed articles including:


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URL: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/stamp/stamp.jsp?tp=&arnumber=7936629&isnumber=4356907

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