Conference Program


IC4IR- Day 1


DAY 1 (Wednesday 01 August 2018)

Inaugural Session (09:30-11:00)

08:30-09:15 AM


9:15-9:25 AM

Guest to be seated

09:30-09:35 AM

Recitation from Holy Quran

09:35-09:40 AM



09:40-09:45 AM


09:45-09:55 AM


09:55-10:00 AM

Welcome Address by Dr. Shehzad Hasan, Co-Convener IC4IR (Chairman CIS, NEDUET)


Address by CEO IEEEP

Address by Head of Process automation and data analytics Bank Alfalah, Mr. Tariq Gul Address by Vice GM, Ming yang Wind Power, Mr. Zhangjian

10:00-10:30 AM

Invited Keynote #1 Name: Dr. Saqib Bukhari

Association: Senior Researcher, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Germany.

Topic: Multimedia Sentiment Analysis

10:30-10:40 AM


10:40-10:50 AM

Address by VC NEDUET Prof. Sarosh Hashmat Lodi


Inaugural Address by Chief Guest, Mr. Yusuf Hussain CEO ignite

10:50-11:00 AM

Vote of Thanks by Dr. Mohammad Ali Ismail, Director High Performance Computing Center & Director National Center in Big data & Cloud Computing


Shields distribution

Tea Break (11:00-11:30)

Technical Session 1 (11:30-01:30)

Session Chair (Dr. Ali Raza Jafri, Dr. M. Ali Memon, Dr. Riazuddin)

11:30-12:00 AM

Invited Keynote #2

Name: Mr. Arsalan Minhas

Association: Director Solution Consulting – OpenText Software GmbH Germany.  Topic: Digital Disrupt or Die

12:00-01:00 PM

Slot (12:00-12:20)

Name: Mr. Shahjahan Chaudhary

Association: Director, National Incubation Center Karachi Topic: Innovation Kahani

Slot (12:20-12:40)

Name: Dr. Momin Kazi

Association: Senior Instructor in Department of Pediatrics and Child Health at AKU

Topic: Digital Health

Slot (12:40-01:00)

Name: Dr. Tariq Mehmood Association: Associate Professor at IBA

Topic: Big Data Analytics Applications in Telecommunications: A Research Perspective

01:00-01:30 PM

Invited Keynote #3

Name: Dr. Sanjeev Gathani



Association: Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Better Business Governance (BBG) – APAC Pte Ltd, Singapore.

Topic: Emerging New World - Risk, Challenges and Management

Lunch and Prayer (01:30-02:30)

Technical Session 2 (02:30-04:20)

Session Chair (Dr. Valiuddin, Dr. Najmi Ghani, Dr. Usman Ali Shah)

02:30-04:20 PM

Invited Keynote #4 Name: Dr. Humera Noor,

Association: Team Leader Quality Analysis, Cliqz GmbH, Munich, Germany. Topic: Flip Side of the Coin

Slot (03:00-03:20)

Name: Amer Kabir

Association: Director, Integrated Control Systems Topic: LoraWan Wireless Network for Smart Cities

Slot (03:20-03:40)

Name: Mr.Tariq Gul Association: Bank Alfalah

Topic: E-commerce and behavior analytics

Slot (03:40-04:00)

Name: Syed Abdul Basit

Association: CEO and Co-founder VISIONi

Topic: Entrepreneurial opportunities in Pakistan using Fourth Industrial Revolution

Slot (04:00-04:20)

Name: Mr. Shabbir

Affiliation: PIAS, and Momentum Pvt Ltd Designation: Chief operating officer.

Topic: 4th Industrial revolution, Landscape, architecture, policies and road ahead

Hi Tea (04:20-04:45)

Technical Session 3 (04:45-06:00)

Session Chair (Dr. Muhammad Ali Ismail, Dr. Shariq, Dr. Dur-e-Shahwar Kundi)

04:45-06:00 PM

Slot (04:45-05:05)

Name: Mr. Abid Munib Khan

Association: senior Quality Assurance Architect Topic: Automatic software testing in cloud

Slot (05:05-06:00)

Papers Presentation

  1. Ms. Zainab Anwar
  2. Ms. Sarah Khuwaja
  3. Dr. Saneeha Ahmed
  4. Mr. Imran Khan


Concluding Remarks