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Final Year Projects-2018 (Batch 2014-15)
Rice Quality Analysis using Image Processing and Machine Learning PID# 01
Abstract: This project provides a cost effective solution for quality analysis. Features are extracted using OpenCv. Machine learning is applied for the classification of the rice grains. This project aims to replace conventional quality analysis methods. Tool/Platform used for this project is Anaconda.
Group Members: Nimra Sadaqat (CS-026) , Zoya Shahbaz (CS-028), Samra Fazal (CS-40)
Internal Advisors: Dr. M. Khurram (Associate Professor), Ms. Maria Waqas (Assistant Professor)
Agent Based Modeling For Supply Chain Management PID# 02
Abstract: Agent-based Modelling (ABM) is a powerful simulation modeling technique. We model a complex supply chain as group of semi-autonomous “agents” representing individual supply chain components such as retailer, wholesaler, moderator and factory. Our goal is to optimize inventory & minimize operating costs by keeping our customers satisfied.
Group Members: Samra Riaz (CS-032), Noureen Iftikhar (CS-025),  Ammar Jawaid (CS-049)
Internal Advisor: Mr. Zaffar Qasim (Assistant Professor)
NED Chatbot for online admission queries using prescriptive analysis PID# 03
Abstract: NED Chatbot uses data analytics techniques and artificial intelligence algorithm to respond the queries asked by the candidates during admissions, instantly and without human being intervention. Tools/platform used are; netbeans, mysql, r studio, jquery, ajax and restful Api.
Group Members: Ruqqaiya Aziz cs-105, Wisha Raees cs-95, Ambar Afshan CS_088
Internal Advisor: Dr. Muhammad Ali Ismail (Associate Professor)
Artificial Intelligence Based Device for Hearing Impaired PID# 04
Abstract: Tthe project focuses on deployment of AI based hand held gadget for deaf people. the deaf person can send and receive alerts with the help of this gadget.
Group Members: Tahreem Khan, Ujala Khurram, Aisha Ambar
Internal Advisor: Dr. Muhammad Khurram (Associate Professor)
Multilayer Framework for Intrusions and Fraud Detection in online systems and transactions PID# 05
Abstract: This project is a desktop application, based on machine learning techniques to detect Intrusions and frauds on the network, the transport and the application layers of TCP/IP network model. Tools used are; Spyder for python implementation, tkinter, postgresql.
Group Members: Fatima Iqbal, Insha Siddiqui
Internal Advisors: Dr. Asad Arfeen (Assistant Professor), Ms. Sumayya Zafar (Assistant Professor)
Consumer's Credit Risk Prediction using Machine Learning PID# 06
Abstract: Consumer's Credit Risk Prediction is a Machine Learning based automated system that predicts whether a customer is reliable or not. It takes the customer details and by appyling machine learning algorithms it generate response in terms of plain text. It also provide visualization of data in the form of HISTOGRAM, BAR CHARTS and SCATTER PLOTS. Tools/Platform: RStudio and Shiny (for user interface).
Group Members: Saadiah Saleem Akhter (CS-053), Samra Hanif (CS-013), Warda Aslam CS-125)
Internal Advisor:  Mr. Kashif Asrar (Lecturer)
Real-time airline recommendation system using IBM Streams PID# 07
Abstract: An application to automate and streamline feedback air travelers leave on twitter regarding an airline recommend future passengers beforehand about airline reputation and assist them in choosing the most optimum flight for their desired route. Firstly, twitter data is acquires using twitter API, then sentiment analysis is done on the tweets and which is followed by implementation of recommendation rules on individual tweets. In this way most optimum airlines are recommended on the basis of user tweets. Tools that we used are; IBM Streams virtual machine, Information Extraction Webtool, Operational Decision Manager
Group Members: Javeria Nadeem, Bakhtawar Razzaq, Aamna Hassan Fasihi
Internal Advisors: Ms. Hameeza Ahmed (Lecturer)
  PID# 08
Abstract: The project deals with the plugin development for the open source web application Moodle to make it capable of evaluating academic curricula which are based on Outcome based Education and to intelligently determine the Bloom's taxonomy level using NLP Techniques. Tools/Platform that we used for this project are Pycharm, NLTK Pyhton, PHP, VS code, Moodle.
Group Members: Mussab Tanveer Siddiqui, Syed Muhammad Kamran, Syed Khizar Ul Haq
Internal Advisors: Dr. -ing Shehzad Hasan (Associate Professor), Mr. Ali Akhtar (Lecturer)
Augmented Reality Based Text to 3D Visualizer for Kindergarten Students PID# 09
Abstract: This project is a text to 3D graphics converter Android app, based on Augmented Reality (AR). The app takes input in the form of natural language (English), performs Natural Language Processing (NLP) for key feature recognition (e.g. subject, object & verb) and places the object virtually into 3D space using AR, aimed at the facilitation of Kindergarten students in their learning. Tools/Platforms: Unity3D, Blender, Google Console Api, Python Anaconda, AWS, Natural Language Processing, Augmented Reality.
Group Members: Maham Arif, Anum Khan, Sayyada Shaama Hasan Kazmi
Internal Advisors: Ms. Maria Waqas (Assistant Professor), Mr. Ali Akhtar (Lecturer), Dr. Humera Noor Minhas (External Advisor)
Secure Communication for Medical Devices PID# 10
Abstract: Medical data is highly sensitive and prone to theft and tampering. This project is thus intended to ensure that the integrity and privacy of medical data remains intact.  It has been accomplished  by using RSA digital signature to verify data integrity and AES-128 encryption algorithms to achieve privacy . The project also incorporates user authentication by means of biometric identification. Hence catering to the complete CIA triad.
Tools used: Python, Django, Arduino, MySQL, Adafruit
Group Members: Asim Sattar (CS-035), Simrah Samdani (CS-061), M. Humza Ali (CS-057)
Internal Advisors: Dr. Saneeha Ahmed (Assistant Professor)
Garbage Level Detector PID# 11
Abstract: Cost effective and time saving method for garbage cleaning IoT based technique Effective solution to garbage cleaning problems.
Group Members: Hafsa Shahab (CS-133), Yusra Qamar (CS-113), Gulrukh (CS-017)
Internal Advisors: Dr. Saneeha Ahmed (Assistant Professor)
System Log and Behaviour Analyzer PID# 12
Abstract: A monitoring software for systems (both Linux and Windows) that are connected in network using Logs and performs remedial actions Website Blocking,USB Blocking & Automatic Shutdown. Tools/Platform used: eclipse ide and MySQL database
Group Members: Maheen Ayub,Maha Iqbal,Tanzeel Khalidi
Internal Advisor: Mr. Kashif Asrar (Lecturer)
Smart Electric Meter PID# 13
Abstract: an electric meter capable of two way communication between the user and the supplier, creating bill transparency and theft detection on our website. Tools/Platform used are; Arduino, Java and HTML/CSS.
Group Members: Sumaiya Arshad (CS-069), Azlan Burney (CS-036), Syed Ali Kashan (CS-062)
Internal Advisor: Dr. Saneeha Ahmed (Assistant Professor)
Virtual Run PID# 14
Abstract: Virtual Run is a VR based mobile application deployed on Android and iOS platforms. It provides an immersive visualization to 3D attractive environments for stationary bike users in gym whilst synchronizes with a hardware module (built with Arduino + Hall Effect Sensor) which transmits real time information (RPM) via Bluetooth to app and let the user enjoy the ride in virtually created environment. Tools/Platform that we used are; Unity3D, Arduino, Adobe XD, XCode, Android Studio and C#.
Group Members: Sania Zafar (CS-008), Noman Hussain (CS-037), Talha Naveed (CS-038
Internal Advisor: Mr. Ali Akhtar (Lecturer)
Players Drafting Analysis for T20 Leagues PID# 15
Abstract: Drafting is a process used in sports related events to allocate certain players to teams. The goal is to provide enough information to empower t20 cricket teams with the ability to make prudent and sensible decisions when purchasing players by using statistical algorithms that would suggest specific set of players to fit different strategies for building a team. The website is live on Tools/Platforms: R, Django, PostgreSQL
Group Members: Aisha Atique, Khadija Tul Kubra Zaki
Internal Advisor: Mr. Syed Zaffar Qasim (Assistant Professor)
Crowd Quantity Detection by Machine Learning PID# 16
Abstract: Analytics has advanced from providing basic descriptions of what occurred to insightful analysis of what is likely to occur in the future, to now recommending specific actions to create predictable outcomes. We propose another managed learning structure for visual question tallying errands, for example, evaluating the quantity of heads in a picture or the quantity of human's heads in ramble video outlines. We center on the intents and purposes alluring situation when the preparation pictures are explained with a square. We will probably precisely gauge the check. Tools/Platform: Python
Group Members: Rimsha Waheed (CS-051), Hamza Aslam (Cs-070)
Internal Advisors: Dr. Muhammad Khurram (Associate Professor)
CPD Analysis Of A Metropolitan City PID# 17
Abstract: The project aims to overcome the issue of Crime, Pollution and Disease in the different areas of a Metropolitan City using news analysis. Tools/Platform used are; Sublime/ MySQL, Bit Bucket.
Group Members: Areeba Ali (CS-082), Rida Tamseel (CS-103), Tooba Shakil (CS-123)
Internal Advisor: Mr. Syed Zaffar Qasim (Assistant Professor)
Academic Documents Verification System Using Blockchain PID# 18
Abstract: The idea of this project is to provide a digital scheme for the verification of academic document by pushing them onto a blockchain,so they can be easily accessed and verified whenever needed.Currently,document verification is done manually by authorities,where a formal application is needed for each document to be verified. The process may be subjected to third party involvement which requires 5-10 days  business days.The manual process requires involvement of men that increases the chances for error .Our project eliminates the redundancy and improve transparency.
Group Members: Syed Muhammad Zain (CS-016), Hassan Bari (CS-018), Muhammad Khubaib (CS-021)
Internal Advisors: Dr. Saneeha Ahmed (Assistant Professor)
Identification and 3D reconstruction of lung tumour from CT scan using machine learning PID# 19
Abstract: A lungs cancer detection system design to detect tumour Attached to chest wall and provide 3D view of lungs
Group Members: Bilal Zaka , Nimra Javed , Rabia Ayoob
Internal Advisors: Dr. Syed Abbass Ali (Associate Professor), Ms. Sumayya Zafar (Assistant Professor)
Measuring of Vital Signs in Neonatal Babies Using EVM PID# 20
Abstract: The Project offers to monitor patients with minimum physical interaction by automating the process of Heart rate determination by using Eulerian Video Magnification and detect lack of oxygen remotely by an IP Camera in a NICU. Tools/Platform used are; ASP .NET, C#, Ozeki Software toolkit,VGX RTSP Server App(Available on Playstore),Python with Open CV, MATLAB and FFmpeg.
Group Members: Syeda Fizza Rizvi (CS-305), Zara Khalid (CS-304), Uroosa (CS-307)
Internal Advisors: Ms. Urooj Ainnuddin (Assistant Professor), Ms. Fakhra Aftab (Lecturer)
Competitive analysis for aviation using data analytics techniques PID# 21
Abstract: Since there are 1000s of airlines and all wanted to be at top, so for that comparsion is must. This project enables airliners to compare itself with other airlines to know behaviour of prices on flight in market. Comparison on the basis of Fuel est., Charge est., Delay est., with complete report and ofcourse comparison of airlines alongwith tracking of flights, so that airliners have better
decision, strategy beforehand. Platform used is Python language for analytics purpose.
Group Members: Muhammad Fahad (CS-109), Shaheer Shahab (CS-087)
Internal Advisors: Dr. Syed Abbass Ali (Associate Professor), Ms. Urooj Ainnuddin (Assistant Professor
Intelligent Counterfeit Detection App PID# 22
Abstract: Counterfeit Detection App is made with the goal of providing medicine industries who don’t want to compromise with their reputation and the users of medicine for their health.
Tools/Platform used: Android Studio, Firebase, Python IDLE
Group Members: Sahrish Manzoor (CS-050), Rida Rehman (CS-059), Shumaila Gul (CS-145)
Internal Advisors: Dr. Muhammad Khurram (Associate Professor)
Digital traces of android kernel execution PID# 23
Abstract: The idea behind the project is to track all the tagged or untagged activities of android kernel. Tools/Platform used are; Linux, Pintool.
Group Members: Abdul Jabbar Malik (CS-119), Sarah Harim (CS-136), Sana Ayaz (CS-114)
Internal Advisor: Dr. Muhammad Ali Ismail (Associate Professor)
ABIDE (AI Based Diagnosis of Dyslexia) PID# 24
Abstract: An automated solution for psychologists to perform generic spelling error analysis via interactive website to conduct a standardised test and performing data analysis based upon statistical inference techniques. Tools Used: R Studio, Spyder, Visual Studio Code, MS Excel
Group Members: Sababa Saad Usmani  (CS-077), Muhammad Tahir (CS-084), Syed Mohammad Ali (CS-092)
Internal Advisors: Mr. Shahab Tahzeeb (Assistant Professor), Mr. Fakhra Aftab (Lecturer)
Classification of Epilepsy using Machine Learning PID# 25
Abstract: Epilepsy is the third most common neurological disorder in the world. It is accompanied by periodic and unpredictable seizures. The detection of these seizures is a demanding process. Hence we have used Discrete Wavelet Transform and Machine Learning algorithms to detect these seizures. Tools used are; Matlab and Python (Anaconda with Spyder IDE).
Group Members: Omeir Ahmed, Ali Sajjad, Saad Udeen
Internal Advisor: Mr. Shahab Tahzeeb (Assistant Professor)
Abstract: This technique relies on extracting relevant information from images to take intelligent decisions. In this project, we are using a subclass of computer vision technique namely optical character recognition (OCR) to develop an intelligent database management system for examination process control. Tools/Platform used: Python, openCV
Group Members: Hasnain Raza, Syed Mehdi
Internal Advisors: Mr. Shahab Tahzeeb (Assistant Professor)
Abstract: A cost effective and remotely deploy able weather station is presented, which collects data from various sensors and upload it on IBM cloud . A weather alert system then determines weather anomaly such as heatstroke e.t.c and send SMS and Email to subscribers.  Machine learning algorithm is also applied which assign smart weightage to weather prediction API based on its performance. Android Application and website is also developed to show the weather conditions. Sensors used are; Temperature and Humidity DHT22, Pressure Sensor (BME 280), DR, Raindrop Detection Sensor, Wind Direction & Speed Sensor, Hazardous Gas Sensor (CJMCU-811), Air Quality Sensor (MQ-135), Heat Index, and the Tool/Platform used is Ardiuno.
Group Members: Muhammad Awais (CS-14067), Muhammad Asim (CS-14120), Abdul Moiz Khan (CS-14128)
Internal Advisor: Dr. M. Khurram (Associate Professor)
Broadcast Monitoring using Audio Fingerprinting PID# 28
Abstract: A low-cost, efficient and accurate method of performing the activity of Broadcast Monitoring, easily and without hassle. It provides report-ready results within a MATTER OF SECONDS!
Group Members: Hassan Azam (CS-097), Syed Rafay (CS-108), Abdul Rafay Khan (CS-303)
Internal Advisors:
Smart Property Ownership via Blockchain Technology PID# 29
Abstract: To make land titles more secure and ease the transfer of ownership using Blockchain. This project is for the people who can verify their ownership records safely and quickly. Users can securely register on a private blockchain and verify their ownership documents to be stored as proof of existence on blockchain. Tools/Platforms used are; Ethereum Platform, solidity language, Truffle Framework, Metamask plugin, IPFS data storage and Open-Zeppelin library.
Group Members: M. Muzzamil Arif (CS-121), Syed Akbar Ali (CS-107), Ramsha Tahir (CS-102)
Internal Advisor: Dr. Muhammad Ali Ismail (Associate Professor)
Monthly Cash Flow using Machine Learning and Image Processing PID# 30
Abstract: This project is replacement of manually calculation and time consuming tasks with the smart image processing. The cash flow from operation ratio or Operating Cash Flow (OCF) is used to determine the extent to which cash flow differ from the reported level of either operating income or net income. Tools used are Android Studio and Firebase Realtime Database.
Group Members: Yash kumar (CS-129), Erum Idrees (CS-144), Pardeep kumar (CS-309)
Internal Advisor: Ms. Urooj Ainnuddin (Assistant Professor)
  PID# 31
Group Members:
Internal Advisors:
Abstract: Due to increased number of students, the process of conducting examination has become complex. Automated descriptive checker facilitates the traditional process of paper checking using NLP technique. Tools used: HTML, CSS, Firebase, PHP
Group Members: Sana Shaikh, Omama humayun,Asna Fatima
Internal Advisors: Mr. Shahab Tahzeeb (Assistant Professor)
Smart Attendance Tracking via Face Recognition PID# 33
Abstract: Smart Attendance Tracking via Face recognition is a solution to maintain student attendance. The system is design to capture real time image, compare it with stored images & on a match, will mark the student attendance. It notifies you about the absent students. Tools used are Visual Studio, SQL Server, Android Studio and MATLAB.
Group Members: Maham Kaleem (CS-014), Fariha Alam (CS-024), Sami Ahmed (CS-056)
Internal Advisor: Mr. Kashif Asrar (Lecturer)
Secured SDN Using Data Perturbation Technique PID# 34
Abstract: The project is focused on developing a network replica of NED University using Software Defined Network that preserves the logs of the entire network using Geometric Data Perturbation technique. Tools/Platforms used are Linux, POX Controller, Python, Wireshark and Rstudio.
Group Members: Mirza Maaz Baig (CS-135), Rafia Qasim (CS-127), Muhammad Taha (CS-110)
Internal Advisors: Dr. Muhammad Ali Ismail (Associate Professor), Mr. Faraz Hyder (IT Manager)
Human Face Features & Adjustment System Using Machine Learning PID# 35
Abstract: The application is designed to detect and extract a human's face from an image, process it according to the prerequisites set by the institution or organization and save the result. This application also performs the adjustment (alignment) of the image which can be modified. Tools/Platform used are Python, OpenCV, Dlib, TensorFlow, Cmake and .Net Framework 4.5.
Group Members: Faiq Ali Khan, Osama Shuja, Hamza Ahmed Kidwai
Internal Advisors: Dr. Muhammad Ali Ismail (Associate Professor), Ms. Fakhra Aftab (Lecturer)
Eye Tracking System for Handicapped PID# 36
Abstract: This project is based on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). This project is a low cost real time human computer interaction system that utilizes eye gaze to enable a user to move the mouse pointer using his eyes for computer interaction. It is a low cost real time HCI system that utilizes eye tracking to enable a user to move the mouse pointer using his eyes.
Tools/Platform: Open CV, Matlab, Haar cascade
Group Members: Syed Wasiq Hussain ( CS-14047), Shahroz Ahmed ( CS-14060), Syed Bilal Abbas ( CS-14066)
Internal Advisors: Ms. Maria Waqas (Assistant Professor)
Smart Helmet for Bike Riders PID# 37
Abstract: The Smart Helmet system is designed to be a solution for any motorcycle rider who wishes to be safe and completely aware of his or her surroundings while driving on the road. The concept of proximity sensing in automobiles is not a new concept, and has been realized in different projects, and commercial products, before this one. However, such realizations tend to have their own set of advantages and disadvantages associated with them. The design and implementation of the Smart Helmet system seeks to maximize the advantages from similar products, while avoiding, or minimizing, the disadvantages. Tools/Platform used: Arduino IDE, Android Studio
Group Members: Minhal Ali, Zeeshan Lashari
Internal Advisors: Mr. Saad Qasim (Assistant Professor)
Citizen Pulse A Survey Android App PID# 38
Abstract: This project aims to provide an application and website which gives real time response of a survey, also a service that allows people to get reward for them, website will be use for creating surveys and app will be use to fill survey form from user and collect response. Tools/platform used are Android studio, Visual Studio, Retrofit library, Canvasjs, Rest webapi, Postman, and Sql server.
Group Members: Syeda Aleena Umer (CS-118), Dua Bashir (CS-117), Nida Batool (CS-141)
Internal Advisor: Dr. M. Khurram (Associate Professor)
Smart Marketing Application PID# 39
Abstract: Smart Marketing Application is designed for effective marketing. It would attract more number of customers by sending location based advertisements whenever they enter the proximity of targeted area. Tools that we used are Android Studio and Weka.
Group Members: M. Nabeel Shahid, Warisha Ali, Areeba Manzar
Internal Advisor: Ms. Hameeza Ali (Lecturer)
Market Basket Analyzer PID# 40
Abstract: Market Basket Analyzer is one of the most useful types of data analysis for marketing and retailing. We propose a model that is design to mine textual information from customer receipt. Tools: R software , Shiny
Group Members: Maha Zaka , Rukhsar Zaka , Ayesha khan
Internal Advisors: Mr. Kashif Asrar (Lecturer)
Water Level Detection and Monitoring System PID# 41
Abstract:  Water Level Detector might be characterized as a framework by which we can get the data of any water levels. Water level Detector framework is very helpful to diminish the wastage of water from any repository, while filling such store. A basic water level marker can be influenced utilizing the embedded application to board. Tools that we used are; Android Studio, Arduiono, C- Panel, Adobe Ilistrator and My-sql.
Group Members: Hamza Shahzad,  Abdus Sami,  M. Furqan Alam
Internal Advisor:  Ms. Shumaila Ashfaq (Lecturer)
Virtual shopping experience PID# 42
Abstract: Creating an immersive environment for the user to experience online shopping at another level using VR headset in a virtual world. Tools used are Maya, Unity3D, Marvelous designer and Adobe photoshop / illustrator.
Group Members: Ali Faisal , Noora Salam
Internal Advisor: Ms. Zareen Sadiq (Assistant Professor)
Smart Autonomous Car Congestion Removal PID# 43
Abstract: Traffic congestion has become the biggest unsolved problem all over the world.We have designed this project which can automatically detect and count the vehicles alert for congestion and provide solutions for these congestion scenarios for real time.The congested scenario are first identified by the camera through image processing and communicates with server on pc which then deliever best solution for the occured scenario then the car moves accordingly. Tools used are UltraSonic Sensor module HC-SR04, Arduino IR Sensor module, NodeMCU V2, Rapsberry Pi3, L293D   H-Bridge and DC gear motor.
Group Members: Muhammad Maaz Azhar (CS-015), Syed Shakeeb Ahmed (CS-058), Jawwad Ali (CS-111)
Internal Advisor: Ms. Hina Danish (Assistant Professor)
Classroom Monitoring and Scheduling PID# 44
Abstract: This project provides optimal solutions for classroom scheduling. The schedules generated by this approach are much more efficient from the current methods employed at the CIS department. Genetic algorithm is used for the scheduling where Inputs are Instructor, Subjects, Classrooms and Sections (manually or Import excel file).The result it provides is more efficient and  is  Exportable which is easily distributed through out the department. Tools used are Python, numpy, psutil, PyQT5, SQLite.
Group Members: Farhan Ayub(CS-134), Sandeep Kumar(CS-079)
Internal Advisors: Ms. Anita Ali (Assistant Professor)
Modeling of Spread of Viral Diseases of Pakistan PID# 45
Abstract: A separate viral repository for Pakistan which provides an easy access to virus sequence databases, the tools and the interfaces. The integrated data is used to predict the pattern of viral spread in Pakistan. Tools that we used for this project are QGIS, RStudio, and Wordpress.
Group Members: Zaira Waseem, Maha Hashmi, Bushra Hamid
Internal Advisor: Dr. -ing Shehzad Hasan (Associate Professor)
Recommendation Engine for E-Commerce Website PID# 46
Abstract: E-commerce and digital platforms within Pakistan do not provide a good ecommerce customer experience. The objective of this project is to implement a personalized recommendation system for an e-commerce platform using machine learning.   Ensemble methods will be used for a better  performance. Tools/Platforms used are: Linux, Python, Anaconda, HTML and CSS.
Group Members: Wali Ahmed Siddiqui, Anas Ayubi, Hashir Omer
Internal Advisor: Dr. Syed Abbass Ali (Associate Professor)
Automated Email Reply Suggestion PID# 47
Abstract: A app that uses Machine Learning Libraries such word2veg and seq2seq and in accordance Twitter dataset suggest replies to email we reply to. Tools used are Anaconda, Tensorflow and Android Studio.
Group Members:  Muhammad Hammad Ejaz (CS-071), Muhammad Ammar Ejaz(CS-142), Yousuf Safwan Shah(CS-140)
Internal Advisor: Ms. Anita Ali (Assistant Professor)









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