Team Think Data Tech-Secured 2nd position in Datathon (Pakistan's first ever data competition in the banking industry) organized by UBL. 


UBL DATATHON was the first national competition of Data Science arranged by UBL. It was round wise competition in which teams from 136 universities from all over Pakistan competed. Team Think Data Tech comprised of the following members:  Shahbaz Muneer (Team Lead), Alisha Khan, Muhammad Uzair Khan, Haniya Maqsood and Syed Sannan Ali.

Round – 1 comprise of presenting ideas and projects that can help bank in different domains. Team Think Data Tech made an AI based Instant Decision Loan Portal. A portal in which user can add their data and bank can easily check their credibility whether they can repay the loan or they cannot. The system was comprised of Machine Learning models to check the credibility and verify the data of users using Open CV.

In Round -2, UBL gave problems to the top 10 teams from Round 1. Team Think Data Tech was given the problem to analyze customer sentiments using NLP. The team solved the problem using tokenization, lexicons and stop words etc., classified the complaints into aggressive, moderate and low issues. The team also prepared an admin dashboard in which all the findings were shown in the forms of graphs, so that a non-technical person can also understand all the findings.

After all the problem solving the team gave presentation to a panel that consisted of many high-profile people from UBL, Kaggle, Pasha, AWS, and many more organizations.


Shehryar Mallick, Muhammad Saad Shaikh and Umer Shahid- Won 3rd position in Data Science Competition hosted at A.I Fest NED by Artificial Intelligence Club in coordination with Folio3.

A.I. Fest NED


Date on certificate: 30 December 2021



Shehryar Mallick

Muhammad Saad Shaikh

Muhammad Umer Shahid

Areesha, Mahnoor Shah and Yamna Tahir- Won First Prize in Data Science Competition organized by AIC


The students participated in a data science competition organized on 28th December, 2021 by AI Club in NED University of Engineering and Technology.

These students were provided with Lending Club Loan Data where the data was imbalanced, big and had multiple features with different data types, with around 74 columns. The target was to apply EDA, cleaning or machine learning model to predict which consumer will default their loans.



Meet Data Squad - Winners of Data Science Hackathon



Data Squad from NED University of Engine­ering and Technology won a 30-hour long ‘Data Science Hackathon’ organised at the Institute of Business Administration on Sunday.

It was the first event of its kind in Pakistan in which 28 teams comprising over 100 students from 12 universities across Pakistan competed to promote the use of machine learning to bring social innovation.

The students got a hands-on experience with real-life data provided by Husaini Blood Bank which partnered in the hackathon. The winning team was awarded an amount of Rs 100,000 along with a paid internship for one of the team members at the headquarter of Inqline, the event’s sponsor, in New York city.

Nuzhat Sana - Won Testing Competition in Women Tech Quest held at 10pearls

 The Testing Competition presented contestants with a set of objectives to test their database and automation concepts, challenging their technical skills to refine requirements and identify problem areas in applications. It is a mix of test case writing, UI/UX testing, database testing, and API testing.

Huzaifa - Runner-up of RoboRace in PROCOM'19 held at FAST-NUCES


The objective of this competition is to make a robot to follow a black path on a white background, without losing the path and navigating several turns. The robot to complete the course in the shortest period of time while accurately tracking the course line from start to finish wins.

Misha Wasim, Shajeeha and Hafsa  - Won Code Jam Competition held at 10Pearls


Immersive Reality Code Jam was a three week Hackathon by 10 Pearls where the participants have to present their idea and it's prototype on AR/VR technology. There were 20+ teams whose ideas were chosen from hundreds of registrations. The winning team won cash prize of Rs. 25,000.

Sachin Karmani, Hamza Ali and Junaid  - Runners-up of Data Science Competition in ZAB E-Fest held at SZABIST


There were about 20 teams. The main task was to design a neural network without using any deep learning frameworks and optimize it's performance using Genetic Algorithm. Along with that there were three other tasks of classfication and regression models. The tasks were to be completed in 1 hour and 30 minutes time slot. These students as a team acquired 2nd position.